Monday, July 19, 2010

Social Studies: Imaginary State

Salam to Guys and Girls. This post was about one hot topic being discussed this morning when my group members and I (Nateesha, Qing Yi and Alaina) presented about our own imaginary state. Our state was named "State of Eden" and I was the Minister of Defence and Economy for the state.Well, I was not satisfied with the arguments early this morning so maybe we can continue our discussion here for good reasons? Social Studies is a killer subject but I like it and would like to have further discussions with you Guys and Girls about our state. Feel free to voice your opinion!

Dear La La Land, Pandora, New Ourland, Manoland,
 and all other states which I didn't remember the name:

It is not like having gays and lesbians in our state (State of Eden) is going to affect the cows and goats in our place. HIV virus cannot be transmitted to these animals and you think that gays and lesbians in our state will have sex with them? Gays and lesbians are homosexuals, they are not sex-maniac. Please do not stereotype gays and lesbians like all of them have Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) like AIDS. I am sure they they will have this kind of disease but some of them live happily and get married until they die naturally. Yeah, you can ship all of them to our state, we are willing to accept and treat them like our own citizen. You have missed this part that they were born in your state so technically you dumped your own citizen and that is not what we practice in our state.

Internal Security Act (ISA) was meant for those who would love to threat our country's peacefulness and tranquility. What will you do as a minister if there is one person that can cause riot and make the citizens in your country unhappy? I am sure that doing this is the best, so far. Of course we will provide food for them, we are still sane. Besides, I think most of you missed the part where I stated that citizens in our state hate racist, and these people are actually the right person to be put in our 'safe hands'. 

P/S: I was a bit emotional today, there was so many things in my head right now. 
Ignore me for a moment, I'll come back to you.


yukina-rei said...

Hmm...your discussion sounds interesting ^^ Would you care to elaborate on ISA my son-doter?

Azham Vosovic said...


ISA is meant for the people especially racists who would like to see our state and the people in riot. I cannot let this kind of people ruin whatever built in our state. We would like to see our citizen to be happy so by putting them in ISA cells, they are taken care by the rightful authority.

There is a classmate said that it is not fair to put them in ISA because there is no right for them to voice their opinions and thoughts. We are polite people so we don't shout along the road. We have a proper way to discuss our dissatisfaction. One can always e-mail their opinion to the Prime Minister or by having a dialogue with us the ministers. That's more like the way people in State of Eden do our job.