Monday, July 19, 2010


Salam Guys and Girls.
My beloved Grandma is sick.
 My mother called me this afternoon,
and I was the last to know.

I called a good friend of mine,
she advised me to take a leave and go back.
I cried when I was on my way back to the hostel,
wishing I could go back and be beside her right now.

Ya Allah, one comes after another.
This is your test, 
the scariest one.
Help my Grandma Ya Allah.

Ya Allah, 
I don't want to part with my Grandma.
She is the best, 
and will always be.
I love her.

Dear Guys and Girls,
please pray for my Grandma's health.
I want her to live well,
and be there on my graduation day,
in five years time.
I want her to see me as a teacher,
and be proud of me.
Ya Allah,
this is the only thing I hope from you.
You know how I need her in life.

P/S: I think I should go back and see her this weekend.

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