Thursday, July 29, 2010

Azham Vosovic's Schedule

Vosovic's life is always packed.
His day starts at seven but sometimes is slacked.
Arrive in class at almost eight,
Tries his best not to be late.

He ends his class in the afternoon,
and rush back home to have his nap.
At exactly six his alarm will ring,
He get up, get dressed, armed and is ready,
For him jogging is the best therapy,
and music is his remedy.

When night falls, he will start his duty,
He check his Facebook account, 
sometimes new status update,
and feed his followers with his love and hate.
At ten he will only be at ease to start his homework,
and sometimes heavy load of assignments.
After all tasks are completed, 
He sleeps when there is only five hours to start another new day,
And that is how busy Azham Vosovic's life is,
the price to pay once he become a Vosovic.

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