Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Prayers for My Grandma

Everyone said that she's going to be okay.
But we'll never know what will happen as the clock is ticking.
I just hope that she'll be fine,
I need to see her smile.
I miss my Grandma.
This is tough for me...

I found out when my mother called me.
I know my father don't want me to know,
so that I will not paranoid like this.
But she is my Grandma,
and I have the right to know.

I promise that I won't show my emotions on the outside.
I will fake a smile, an actors laughter.
I don't want my friends to have to carry my sadness.
Only those who read my blog will know,
and I hope they pray for my Grandma's health too.
Salam, and God bless.

P/S: Thank you Raevarthy for your advise yesterday night at Scuds.
I really appreciate it!


Amalina Sulaiman said...

How's ur grandma?

Raevarthy said...

there is no need to thank me..remember, we r bff's forever! n u noe wat, i noe it is unfair for everyone to tell u that she is is gng to be ok...but u have to believe that she is gng to be just fine n she will...i noe i do pray for ur grandma's health..n i believe that she will come out of this..u shud too..take care dear...im always here for you!

Raevarthy said...

*hugs*...im always here for you...

Azham Vosovic said...

Leen: yesterday I called my mum and she said that the doctoc has not informed them when she will b discharged from the hospital.

Raeva: thank you so much for so much. I am thankful to God that I still have a friend who's willing to know my problems. Thanks again for yesterday's night. As for you, I hope things will b better for you. Let us both pray for everyone we love. I know we both is going to be okay since we have each other to back us up. I love you Raeva my BFF!