Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pursuing Dream: Following My Heart

Salam to you Guys and Girls.
I just want to announce here that,
I did not go to the place where I should pursue my dream.
That was a wise decision I made after considering all of the factors.
My lecturer was happy to see me in the auditorium,
and so do all my friends.
It was a sacrifice made from a mature thought...

I received another sign this afternoon
that I shouldn't yet go to Ampang.
Today was not the right time,
and I didn't regret it.
I send a text to the person in-charge,
wondering if I can postpone it to tomorrow.
She said it is okay, I am more than glad to hear that.

And here I am, smiling...
sharing to you Guys and Girls about a dream,
and my only chance tomorrow.

I realized that being in IPBA is a reality.
No one can take that back from me.
I have an offer letter and an agreement form to support me.
I seemed to forget my intention to become a teacher,
and my parents wishes for me to be a good one.
Pursuing a dream; that one can be done later.
I have plenty of time, and many things to cover.

Dear Allah, and friends, 
Please guide me through all this.
Until then,
Salam and God bless.

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