Monday, July 26, 2010

December 15 2010

What is so special with December 15 2010? Well that will be the date I will turn 19 years old, finally. The most important thing happened last year on my birthday was a call from Madam Yashwanora Yahaya and we chatted for more than 45 minutes. It was a long distance call though; she called from her house in Kota Damansara while I was at Ayer Keroh, Melaka. Another best gift from my parents was they planned a vacation for all of us on my birth date. 

We went all round Malaysia last year starting from my mother's hometown in Kelantan, and made our way through Terengganu and stayed in Cherating, Pahang for one night. That was on the day before my birthday, 14th December. On the day itself, we went to Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson to celebrate the eve of my birthday there on the beach. On the next day, I received texts messages and various calls from friends around Malaysia (well that was during semester break so they were all scattered around the peninsular, IPBArians mostly). Arrived in Melaka in the evening and Madam Yash called so she wished all the best for my future teaching career and so on. Unfortunately, I did not manage to reply all those wishes sent via Facebook because I was on vacation at that period of time. After we went around Melaka, we started off our journey back to the North but my father decided to stay for a night at Bukit Merah Laketown Resort. I went to one of the cyber cafe there and was surprised and touched by all those messages sent to me via Facebook. That was so sweet of you guys and girls. Even though we were all far apart on that date, all of you still remember my birth date. Starting from that day onwards, I vowed to myself that I will wish birthday to everybody who celebrates their birthday.

For this year, 
I think I would like to demand a little. 
There will be plenty of time for preparation so no worries okay? 
Just take your time to prepare me these:

Beyonce and presenting Azham Vosovic!
I want to sing the song "Smash Into You" together with Beyonce on that day, 
live broadcast from Nokia Theater Los Angeles. 
Dream on Azham Vosovic! 
So who can arrange that? 
Hahaha joking.

I just want a cuddly teddy bear which I will name it as Vosovic Jr. for my birthday, 
just like this one, simple right?

I also want all of you to remember me always in your prayers 
and together we succeed in our final semesters' examination! Love yea! 
Salam and God bless.

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