Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pursuing Dream: Press Release

Salam to Guys and Girls, followers of Love Hate Vosovic. I have been keeping this story for myself for too long. It is an unbearable burden I was carrying until I told few friends and to be fair you Guys and Girls should be in the know as well. Remember all my previous posts about pursuing dreams and all the dilemma coming into my way? Yes, I was offered to go for modelling casting by DZMS Modelling Agency (you can search their page in Facebook) last Sunday. I was given a date to go there and firstly I chose to be there on Friday 9th July 2010. I Google-search everything about modelling and even get myself ready with a smart-casual attire as I was told to wear that on the day of the casting. Then something came up and I informed the person in-charge that I have to go on Thursday. She was fine with it but replied my message with one word only -"ok". I knew she was mad and suddenly my lecturer asked my classmates to attend a movie review workshop in the auditorium and again I have to postpone the casting. It was a sign given by Allah to tell me that I shouldn't go to that casting session. Again, I postponed it and said I will come on Friday afternoon but without my notice I had to stay back in my college after Friday prayer because there was a rehearsal for an occasion. I did not informed that person in-charge but I knew she will never let me go for that casting again. I was like trying to be a diva when the time has not yet comes.

I think I shouldn't go to that casting session yet because firstly I am not familiar with Ampang and its atmosphere. I had no one who is willing to go there with me. Secondly, I have to pass my final examination with flying colors and only after that I can do anything else I would like to do. It was not the right time yet as I am struggling with my financial issues and going there will have me ended it up by paying RM35 for processing fee and that has not ensured me a place yet in their agency. Then, I am not sure that if I was accepted to be part of their agency, Students Affair Department in my college will not make fuss about it. Sighed... That was the whole stories behind everything. I will go, pursuing each dreams in me, when the right time comes. Salam, and God bless.

P/s: Thank you to Kak Miza, Azam, Rizal, Khairi, Kak Amariah, Dibah, Zati, Hakimah and my beloved Joe Harris Smith for giving me full support and hugs when needed!


Anonymous said...


No so anonymous, Arifah Majid

Azham Vosovic said...

hey Sis Arifah! dah jadi cikgu sekarang...

Mim Toge said...

I'll always be beside, infront, behind, below, on top u my friend! Always!

Azham Vosovic said...

Mim Toge: I know you will, and I trust you!