Friday, July 1, 2011

Press Release: Of Tiredness and Inspiration

A special blog post for Zoe the Super DiGi Blogger

She asked me why I rarely update my blog lately. She mentioned that I usually update 3 to 4 blog posts per day and it is true, I admit that. You know Zoe, I need more inspiration and it usually comes from my observation of my friends. You know, when I see the hostel I live in is messy, I write a blog post about my very own Malaysia's Next Top Model house. If you watch the show, you will realize how messy the house is, and that is quite a sarcasm for my housemates actually hahaha.

And when I see one particular couple in my class (S&N, don't kill me), I sometimes write love tales but I put myself as the character, just to make sure that it is not too obvious for my readers and amazingly they believe it. I mean, it is like telling everyone that I know more about love than anyone else do, even though those blog entries are just some fake made out stories.

And I have written a lot of poems and entries about friendship, because that is the best thing I have in college. I have my partner-in-crime...classmates... "6 Sahabat"; a lot actually. They influence me so much that I think I have grown up to be a more mature teenager. And about my partner-in-crime...she is priceless; never failed to be there when Anonymous Haters in my blog condemn me, or even when I need someone to accompany me at the stall for dinner.

Well, being among my friends in college actually made all the inspirations for my blog. Without them, my blog will be dull and I would never even want to read it. I miss my friends so much actually; most of them live in Johor so Penang and Johor is so far far away bla...bla...bla... I have to wait for September to meet them again, provided that Allah the Almighty bless me to meet them. 

And yes, I am a bit tired with all the things that has happened to me lately. It is like, the best set of challenges being dropped on my lap. All I can say is that, I accept this with an open heart, going to live with it and get ready for the worst. But hey, I am not going to fret!

You know what Zoe, if you happen to be facing such an unbearable pain in life, just do not give up hope okay. There are tons of things you will achieve once you manage to handle the situation, trust me. Okay, I feel like an "ustaz" already, hope you get it Zoe. Live your life out loud, take care and may Allah bless you.

P/S: You have always wanted me to write about you right but this time, I write this for you.

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Fha Hzh said...

hey azham, u know what, i just coming back from jogging and now browsing through this entry and it makes my day again!! :)

anyway azham, most of your entries inspire me to blog in English. reading the poems written originally by you tell me that even with poem, you manage to express it beautifully.

i hope so in the future Nuffnang will organize the second part of DIgi camp so that we can meet again with other super bloggers!!.

dont ever give up writing azham.. you may find other inspiration to write. i believe in you!!!



thanks for the lovely entry. i really-really-really love it!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Zoe, I am glad that this blog entry manage to make your day...

Alhamdulillah, that is one of my mission already, to see more Malaysians writing and use English language in their daily lives. Glad that I inspire you hehehe...

Yeah, Nuffnang and DiGi really should call us for the second trip of the camp. Really miss all the shouts and all, and my friends I made there too...

I'll see you when I see you Zoe, take care!