Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shit Happens

Always thought that I have a super power, 
That I am a superhero trying to save the world. 
Then my mother told me to go back to reality, 
I realized that I am just ordinary.

Shit happens 
When you need support the most;
But it is not wrong to plant a dream
Because at least you do not take ecstasy.

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blog-tips-kurus said...

Please dont' take ecstasy...

YouSOF said...

Kita memang kena ada anganan.. baru ada usaha nak capai ke arah tu.. cuma janganlan terlalu tinggi la kan.. ;D

Unknown said...

blog-tips-kurus: Insyaallah, I will avoid those things. Don't want to make more mistakes in life...

YOUsoF: Betul tu. Cita-cita harus seiring dengan kemampuan. Jangan terlalu mengharap juga kalau usaha tiada...