Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Drugs and Surgery

I went to the hospital today and received a bag full of drugs. Seriously, when is my anemia going to be gone? I don't like consuming medicine, even though I need them and blood to stay alive. 

And to recover from that sadness, I SPAMMED Mim Toge Kapoor's wall in Facebook with Taylor Swift's Fifteen lyrics; well I changed the lyrics a little bit to suit my situation. At least I am happy, that is the least I can do.

And I had the best time with Rizal MiCake Kapoor, her sister brother at our very secret group 405B. Hahaha, I really appreciate it when he was willing to go crazy when he was actually working. Well, he is a replacement teacher in a school in Kelantan, and cannot stop tweeting, like seriously hahaha. 

What else did I do this morning huh? Woke up at 9 AM, had my shower, breakfast, took my drugs, read newspapers, watched TV, went to the hospital, had my lunch and go online; wow, what a boring life I am having. So glad that my mother did not ask me to do any work today, I am sure that she knew I had to go to the hospital this morning. And next week, I have an operation/surgery on the 26th of July at Hospital Seberang Jaya, Pulau Pinang. Please pray for my health yea, wish me luck! I hope I don't have to stay at the hospital/ward for a long time, and I will be fully recovered, that's all. Do you hear me Allah?

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