Thursday, July 7, 2011

FYI, That Big Bed Is Mine

BAD BAD DREAM last night! I do not know whether it was a dream or it really happened? There was a boy aged in 7 years old who slept beside me. When I moved my body to the right, he was on the left side of bed. Hello?

Well, I usually sleep alone because my brother sleeps in another room. That big bed was supposed to be mine only okay; no creepy creature trying to act cute in my dream. Tonight, I will make sure that I cover the whole bed with pillows and comforter. I will be sleeping in the middle of the bed, as usual so please do not ever come back in my dream. I am so tired so I need my beautiful and handsome sleep. BTW , I drink blood okay!


.:rizaL:. said...

haha...im coming into ur dream n definitely gonna at cute n dirty haha

Azham Vosovic said...

hello, enough with Azam and Shafik in my room next semester...