Sunday, July 17, 2011

Constant War

Yes, I am at a constant war with my mind. I still remember last week that I wanted to quit my job so badly because of my health condition, and now I totally regret my decision. How I wish I could call my ex-boss and tell her that I want that night shift, and just sit down at the counter with all the doors locked. 

How I wish I did not make that call to the boss to quit, because now I feel so bored at home. At least, if I do the night shift, I can sleep all day during the fasting month, and get paid for the easy work. Well, it is not that easy, I still have to clean the toilet, which I decide not to do so I do not have to get that allowance. Oh my God, I am still waiting for my ex-boss to call because she needs to pay me for the job I did few weeks back, then I think it would be the right time to talk to her. At least I have talked to her even if she rejected my plea. Oh my, can I redo my life back?

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