Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fight Anemia!

I met the doctor at the hospital and he said that the amount of blood in my body is satisfying. Finally, something relieving to hear after you have waited in the line for almost two hours. Now, my plan is to eat a lot of BANANAS because it is good to maintain the numbers of red blood cells in my body. The Hb count today is 9 something, which is a normal/average Anemia. WHAT??? Anemia has an AVERAGE state? 

Okay, back to the business, I will fight this sickness real bad! Seriously, I am tired of being sick so I am going to do all it takes to be healthy again. I am going to work out and opt for more healthier food. I will eat clams, will try to have "hati lembu" and probably "belut", or eel just to increase the level of blood in my body. Once I go back to Kelantan, I will ask my father to bring me to the place where he always gets the famous "Sup Belut". Seriously, I will try it all. I am a Super Teacher and I would do anything to achieve my dreams! Give me all your support too people, and take care of you own health too!

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senyumSOYA said...

rendah tu Hb... makan kerang byak2.. tidoq biar cukup.. (^^!

YouSOF said...

Rindu pulak nak layan Keluangman dan tiong dia tu.. ;D

Unknown said...

senyumSOYA: rendah kan? tapi makan kerang muka I naik jerawat... layan je la, nak sehat kan?

YOUsof: hahahah, mmg best kan citer tu? Rindu plak aisehh....