Thursday, February 24, 2011

Too famous you can't stop me!

I am famous,
You cant stop me!

Can someone please ask the disciplinarian to quit his job? Seriously, he is a big bully when he asked me to change my attire to go to swim because for him this fashion does not fit for a teacher-to-be. So should I be properly attired IN THE COLLEGE and FREELY NAKED after I passed the gate?

There are other female teachers-to-be that have been over-exposing their cleavage and all but no one have ever mentioned about it face-to-face! Some of them even wear tight short pants and jeans but how on earth the authority can enjoy the scenery? This is feminine fashionism; why can the girls wear whatever they like but the guys are restricted with too many ridiculous rules?

Can you at least be fair for all students? I am not the only one wearing a short pant all these while and by the way, I was on my way out of the college. Can you even consider that?

P/S: Sorry for being too emotional, I hate it when I am the only victim of the poor authority.


gwen velora said...

me too. sakit mata tengok perempuan2 terutamanya junior yang gi klas using dress like fancy2 kind of thing? what the heck kan? macam g disko dah aku tengok.

tadi pun tgk kak senior b.ed Y4 pakai singlet je balik dari mane ntah. fuyoo.. orang sekarang ni, makin melampau2..

ramai lg kot yg pki short pant gak aku tgk. xkena ke?
*ambik panjang sangat*

Azham Vosovic said...

Setuju dengan kenyataan Gwen! Kalau pasal nak g kelas tu I tak nak komen byk la tapi yang tak puas hatinya, kat kawasan asrama pun tak boleh pakai seluar pendek ke? I nak g swimming, tak lalu kawasan kelas pun tapi Encik A suruh I naik tukar seluar dgn baju. What the hell is happening to the system now?

So sekarang da tak boleh pakai mcmtu kat area hostel la? Bila keluar pintu pagar tu baru boleh menyundal pakai pakaian "biasa"??? benci tol r, bagilah adil kan. Biar semua org buat mcm tu gak, baru I boleh ikut etika berpakaian "cikgu" kat IPG KBA!