Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Random Pictures: Pantai Bersih

Hey guys and girls. I want to update about my so-called road trip to Pantai Bersih, Butterworth Pulau Pinang this evening. Well, I have been wondering about the name for so long. Is Pantai Bersih really clean because it was not that clean when I came here the last time. Sorry Penangits but I am just being honest here.

Hurm, so far I can see the differences made by the authorities and the people who are concerned. There are less trash and less "maksiat" here but maybe I came there in the evening? Not to be judgmental or prejudice here but that is the truth. Pantai Bersih and the beaches nearby used to be famous for the "sexual activities" being carried out in the cars and "celah-celah batu" oops! (parents discretion is advised). 

This place has become more organized and beautiful for me. There are lots of stalls here as well so food is no problem. Just bring your whole family here to enjoy the serenity of Butterworth's beach, Pantai Bersih. 

I am not sure about the water quality here but I think it is quite okay. There were kids swimming in the sea though, and they can reach Penang island if they swim further (exaggerating!).

Okay, ignore my painting. I have never mastered drawing since I was in kindergarten so blame me for this ugly-looking art. Even I cannot draw properly using the Microsoft Paint software. What a shame for a teacher-to-be, but the painting is cute right? Hahahaha, Afiq and Merazati, don't laugh at me....

Thanks to my dad's car, PJX 15** for being a great companion and my mum for sponsoring the gas! Yuhuu but, I am going to miss the car once I leave for Kuala Lumpur next week. Take care Paris (it's a girl, seriously. Look at it's eyelids at the head lights there!).

More blog updates coming, stay tuned! 


zakiranSiraj said...

u dtg penang ha? i petang tadi pergi sana.mkn yong tau fu dato onn. i pernah post pasal mkanan ni before.

Azham Vosovic said...

Seriously? I pegi sana pukul 6.30 mcmtu la, in fact I lalu depan Kedai Yong Tau Fu Dato Onn yang sedap tu... alamak, kalau tak boleh jumpa blogger Penang ni kan?

By the way, rumah sy kt Kepala Batas je... so sy duk Penang la technically...hehehe

amir aizat said...

pantai bersih?bersih sgt ke?

Mimi Radzuan said...

nice viewed..sorry k ta text at shout..lembap tenet ni..shout ta kua

Azham Vosovic said...

Amir Aizat: bersih gak la... daripada dulu... huhu

Mimi: hehe, ok2 tak pe... happy blogwalking!

mera zati M.z said...

Hahaha okay I wont laugh. But opss i already did :p

Azham Vsvc said...

Merazati: haha....you are so cruel hahahaha!