Sunday, February 20, 2011

Models make mess

This is definitely not the image of my room and I am glad that it is not. So far, my room mate and I cooperated very well to ensure the cleanliness of our 'little house'. I have got a personal toilet in my room so people don't be jealous okay?(minus the fact that my room is totally warm without the fan!).

 Well, I am planning to have a simple clean-up activity this Friday with my house mates so that we can all work to manage the house. The kitchen is messy with the dishes and used clothes are everywhere on the tables. Please do not imagine how I have to bear with the situation even though I am not really a 'clean and organized' person but that is the fact. 

Yeah, the youth is starting to change for the betterment; they have started to be concerned about the house's cleanliness and I hope that it will last forever. Well, we have to remember one thing that Tyra Banks do not let us live in the house for free, models!

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