Saturday, February 19, 2011

To blog back in time

I want to blog back in time, back to the period when HIV is still something that I read in the magazines;not yet a disease that makes people freak out in the streets. I want to go back in time when people have sex when they are ready, have kids when they want them and love a family with their big hearts. I miss the people who knows how to party late at night but still managed to wake up early for classes the day after. I miss everything, everything that happened in the past.


nohskywalker said...

if only i could turn back time..sigh

Anonymous said...

tue la..
sgt2 rindu apa yg lepas..
kalau boleh ulang balik kan best!

zoe said...

i like it.. nice.. u buat sendiri azham?

Azham Vosovic said...

Nohskywalker: chill bro, just stay awake for things that will hit you in future.

Lelaki Ini: haha, masa lampau tak boleh diulang balik....kalau boleh da lama saya balik...

Zoe: haha, yea I made this so-called "poem" myself... heheh