Saturday, February 5, 2011


Can I say that I am kind of nervous about my journey back to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow? I heard that the traffic in the highway is so bad and how am I going to reach KL in time? My senior traveled from Perlis at 11 AM this morning and only reached Tapah in Perak at 8.30 PM. Seriously, I cannot sit in the bus for too long like a model when I am not paid for it. Wait a minute, that would be a perfect time to start reading the journal for my assignment. :(

Here are the details of my journey tomorrow:

Express Senibudaya Bus,
from Butterworth to Kuala Lumpur (Bukit Jalil),
10.15 AM, February 6.

I am expected to arrive 5 hours later if only the traffic is not really heavy. The bad news is, tomorrow is the last day of Chinese New Year holidays so everyone will be rushing back to the city including me. Now tell me when I am going to reach KL? 

Oh God, please help me tomorrow. I know that I have chosen the wrong day and time to go back to KL but the train ticket had been sold out. I am guilty for not buying the train ticket earlier because I would be in a better condition in the train. I can lie down on the comfortable bed even though it is a 7 hours of  journey. The good news is, I can go to the toilet anytime I want and if I am hungry, I will just have to walk to the canteen/cafe coach. Hurm, I wish that beds, toilets and cafes are going to be equipped in the buses next time like what KTMB has in the trains.

Big heart Azham, big heart. That would be a wonderful journey tomorrow, you are going to make new friends on the bus and read the journal. Take it positively, smile! Now, please pack up your stuffs, charge your phones and laptops because you are going to need that tomorrow. Do not leave anything behind, keep everything in its place. Have a safe trip to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow. To all my friends and love-hate followers, have a safe trip too if you are heading somewhere tomorrow. 

P/S: Have a safe trip to Kabul, Afghanistan Madam Yashwanora. I am wishing you the best of luck. Make Malaysians proud! Take care...


zakiranSiraj said...

azham. i naik bus @ hent duta 6pm esok. KL-penang maybi tak da hal kot.he he he

Diary of Mine said...

yeah big heart azham... :D
5hours.. ok, i cant help u to shorten it.. sorry~ have a nice journey... :)

♥suNa husNa♥ said...

ooo...azham nek kat butterworh ek..
smlm cikDa dari butterworth ke nibong tebal mmg jem ar dekat juru tu..
have save journey k azham^_~

Azham Vosovic said...

Zakiran: tak aci....moga2 u selamat smpai Penang yer...

Diary of Mine:yes, tgh bersabar ni... huhu, sangat geram tapi kena senyum sentiasa...

Husna: a'ah naik kt Butterworth. First time nak naik kt sini, da la sesak, ramai org dan tak teratur...

See my next post for more information. I am freaking mad now!!!