Friday, February 4, 2011

To blog with education

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My plan for 2011 is to write more blog entries about HIV and AIDS because I really love to discuss about this sickness. Seriously, I would like to dedicate one month for HIV and AIDS awareness in my blog and will inform you guys and girls the details later. Malaysians need to be educated with this disease so they will not freak out when they see their own family members get infected with the disease.

I am not hoping for more Malaysians to be contracted with HIV and AIDS but this is a reality. Teenagers are learning about sex faster than we could ever stop them. Teenagers too have experienced sex better than anyone of us here, probably. We have to face this fact that Malaysian teenagers including I myself are in higher risk to have sexual intercourse out of wedlock. I do not want to sound like a desperate politician here but I am deeply in love with this topic. I have done lots of research (reading) about HIV and AIDS so let us all share this with an open mind okay?

So are you guys and girls up for the challenge? Will you be willing to tell your brother, sister and everyone on earth to start wearing condom or any other contraceptive methods to stop the spread of the virus? Do it now guys and girls, it is never too late before you suffer.

P/S: Those who have a very active sexual activity, get tested for HIV.


Cikgu Fikri said...

gmbr AIDS tu serius gerun woooo..
Semoga kita dilinduni dr penyakit mcm ni..
Amin..... :)

Afzainizam said...

… ....Gong Xi Fat Coi……..
Wish you healthy always
....lllllll........ lllllll .......lllllll....
Salam dari kami…

Stop aids.... mencegah lebih baik dari mengubati

kaizen shinobi said...

nice3... hehe terbaik punya... uhoh!

.:rizaL:. said...

i dont think i have it...hehe...how about u? lol

Amalina Sulaiman said...

I love to read topics on HIV n AIDS...it's sumthg that people don't usually take it as a serious matter since none of their acquaintances suffered from it but anyhow,for me it's still a very interesting topic. Will wait to read it first! Haha! xD

Azham Vosovic said...

CIkgu Fikri: memang gerun. kalau kena lagi gerun kan?

Afzainizam: Thanks for the wishes. Say no to the spread of HIV and AIDS.

Kaizen Shinobi: hehe, thank you so much. Let us educate our followers with things like this.

Rizal: lol

Amalina: yES that's true. I am still doing my research and am not yet ready to publish it here. Be the first to read it once I have published it yea? Thank you so much for the support...