Sunday, February 27, 2011


I know how it felt to be lonely when your friends were around but somehow they were just not there. You tried to laugh to their jokes but that was just a pretentious act of yours. You were sitting at the table with them but all you got was just mere annoyance when they started to hold each others's hands. You were lonely, horny and no one to tuck you to bed at night so you decided to leave the party at eleven. 

Inside your room, you were thinking about how difficult your relationship can be if your friends know that you are gay. They have no idea about it so far and you know that they will never accept it if you tell them the truth. For them, you are sick and need to be cured for your weird appetite, even if you are born with this abnormality.

"Whoever you are is not a disease; 
so there is no point to cure it"
(Prayers for Bobby)

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