Friday, February 18, 2011

Random Pictures: Hartz Chicken Buffet @ Sunway Pyramid

Hi, today I have a special post to be shared to all of you here. Last Monday, Azam, Diba, Nateesha, Izati, Hakimah and I went to eat at Hartz Chicken Buffet at Sunway Piramid right after the college assembly ended at 4.00 PM. We went there with our class attire and we looked like we were already working as teachers. Seriously, the girls were in their "baju kurung" and the boys with our class attire and stayed there until 9 PM looking like a teacher-after-work. 

With only RM 20.40 per pax, we can eat the varieties of fried and roasted chicken, chicken fillet, salad, mashed & sweet potatoes, pastas, soups and dessert in two hours time. Yeah, we got a lot of time to stuff up our stomach like a pregnant ladies. We enjoyed our time there even though we have not completed our assignments, thanks to Miss Nateesha for driving us wherever we want to go.

Miss Zati, Miss Hakimah and Mr. Azham, the teachers-to-be.

Miss Diba the Dibot.

Miss Nateesha (the driver) and Miss Diba.

The cute Mr Azam a.k.a Alexs Nuk. 

Mr Azham with his "controlled" appetite. Trust me that I had three pieces of fried chicken, a plate of pasta and another plate of mashed potatoes.

Oh I love this restaurant and the food. Chicken-lovers, please make your way to this place now hehehe. 

We ate and laughed like a bunch of crazy kids that we forgot to take a lot of pictures. I did not capture the moments because my phone battery was dead. There are still some pictures taken by Diba's phone so I will upload them later okay?


SizZLing SuZai said...

hi azham..lamo xdtg cni erk "^^ hehe talking bout d restaurant..i hv my 1st trial at the times square long time ago...n yup it is so valuable for paying RM15 (at that time!!) haha jgn jeles! XD

btw, hahah we both were posting bout food..agoii mlantak je keje blogger ni ke... ^^

zoe said...

sedapnye makanan2 tuh... arghhhh.... u ni kuat makan kan azham!

Azham Vosovic said...

Suzai: hehe, mmg lama u tak dtg hehe. How are you yea?

Rm 15 at that time? Wow I'm so jealous. And yes, bloggers are food monsters indeed. huhuhu....

Zoe: haha, mmg sedap, I mmg kuat makan tau. Tgk la pipi I da tembam ckit hehehe