Saturday, January 28, 2012

IPG KBA Take Over

Hey guys and girls! How are you doing today? I am taking a break from writing a serious post like this so let us now view some photos of B. Ed TESL KPM-UPM Link Program events and activities okay.

Before we had our semester break, we planned a farewell party to our lecturers and IPG KBA Take Over as well. Many of my friends in college were puzzled when I created this event on Facebook and invited them. Some are thrilled to witness our Take Over as our last appearance in IPG KBA until we meet again in 2014.

Okay, this is our canteen where the Take Over event took place. We just want to bid farewell to our juniors and friends in college since we are moving to UPM in February for two years and do you know what happened at IPG KBA Take Over?

We did FREEZE, which is a static performance by all 40 of us. Imagine having that big number occupying a small area with lots of fun and laughter! As the self-appointed emcee for the event, I made my friends stand still for few minutes and did a lot of funny actions for our viewers.

There was a request from our junior who wants us to show the actions inside the toilet, as squatting down to defecate (membuang najis). 

I know, that was such a horrible request but all of us did not mind it at all. Look at all of them trying their best to exemplify their own actions in the toilet. 

I also made my friends freeze while having their shower, and the juniors loved it! Alhamdulillah, I managed to get their participation as well for that 15 minutes performance. 

This is the only chance for our friends in IPG KBA to see us embarrass ourselves, and got to know who we really are. 

Yeah, we have been studying there for almost three years but we still haven't got to know our friends and juniors well. This is the moment that I believe has reconnected everybody in the college, alhamdulillah.

These are my classmates who are so supportive and are not too shy to join this activity! I know, this is such an embarrassment for some of them but they did well! 

It is not easy to gather all 40 of us to conduct an exciting and creative activity like this so I am very grateful to have all of them in my team ;)


As you can see, my classmates here are also holding a card with our message on it. Do you guys and girls want to know what the message is? 

SEE YOU IN 2014"

Basically, we managed to fulfill and achieve the objectives of this event as well as having fun! This is our unique way of saying good bye and deliver our wishes to everybody. Imagine that we were actually sitting for our last final examination paper from 8.30 AM until 10.30 AM, and IPG KBA Take Over happened at 11 AM. That is surely not an easy task, and we hope that our message is successfully conveyed. In fact, nobody has ever done that in IPG KBA and we are honored to be the first to trend it ;)

Then when the stomach is squeaking to be filled, Miss Pat treated us lunch! Thank you Miss Pat for the food, thank you so much!

To all my juniors, please groom yourselves to be one of the best educators in Malaysia. Take the opportunity given by the government to polish your English language proficiency and do not skip classes. Take care IPBARIANS! See you in 2014 for our final year here insyaallah. 


Aiman a.k.a. Rexcore said...

Photobombing lvl: me~

fakhri khairi said...

eh, why do you moving out ah?

Orked Cleopatra said...

Cant participate on dat day, got class...btw, gempaq seh...bye..korang dah xde :(

ZWAN SABRI said...

bukan senang nk tengok senior memalukan diri sendiri.. good job! :)

Azham Vosovic said...

Aiman: haha, yea ke? x prasan plak hehehe

fakhri: nak sambung kt UPM jap...heheheh

Orked: hehe, it's okay.... tak x kesah pon, bukan boleh paksa kan hehehe

Zwan: haha, tau xpe...best sbb ramai yg sporting!

IMANSHAH said...

KBA tu untuk apa??

Airil Azmei(Sky EagLe) said...

waaa...rugi xdtng...sorry tau..sbb pagi tu pg rumah member kita tolong uruskan jenazah...btw, gud luck!see u again in 2014...don't forget bout me ya ^.~

Azham Vosovic said...

Imanshah: Kampus Bahasa Antarabangsa hehehehe....

Airil: no, it's okay....lgpun korang ada urusan penting waktu tu huhuhu....insyaallah aku takkan lupakan kau Airil...kau lah antara kawan2 yg best kt IPBA ;)

blog-tips-kurus said...

happening bro!! :)

c'axoera ヅ said...

wahhh hapyynyerrr dierrr

Kayun.Zack said...

mesti happening giloooo time tuh. haha, tgk gmbr pun nmpk meriahnya :D

Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

ramai btl, eden memang pening klu mcm ni. haha

qlah said...

tetiba teringat dekat kawan2 aku . nice moment right ?

Azham Vosovic said...

BTK: hehe, alhamdulillah menjadi hehe

c'axoera: sapa happy? saya ke? mestilah! hehehe...

Kayun: hehe, alhamdulillah ada org dtg bg sokongan hehehehe

Zuan: hehe, ramai tu nak handle tp kawan2 aku dgr arahan hehehehe

Qlah: hehe, lgpun skrg tgh cuti sem, rindu kt member2 hehehe

ABU said...

wah seronok je aku tengok..

semutsengal said...

final year dah ?

Azham Vosovic said...

ABU: hehe, sedih tau berpisah hehe

semutsengal: hehe, baru nak masuk Year 2 hehehe

Hanie Dew said...

wwoooooaaaa ko mmg seorang organiser yang bagus. happening je take over event tu.hebat.

semester break rupanya.

Azham Vosovic said...

Hanie: alhamdulillah, susah gak sbnrnya hehe.... tgh sem break, smpai 19 Feb ni heheheh