Friday, January 13, 2012

Fair-Well Dinner

On our way to our farewell dinner at Gravy Baby!

Venue: Gravy Baby Musicafe, Shah Alam.
Date: 11th January 2012.
Time: Right after our last final examination paper.

Alhamdulillah, we have sat for our final examination papers, IPG KBA's Take Over (an event) is done and B. Ed Tesl KPM-UPM Link Program is also over. Such a relief for all 40 of us and our lecturers too. Let them mark our papers and get the results published as soon as possible. 

Gravy Baby is seriously a cool music cafe to hang out as it has a spot for musicians and singers to express their talents. This restaurant is quite famous for Shah Alam's residents, especially UiTM students. 

We chose this place because we want to have a farewell dinner inclusive of our own performances. Yeah, we managed to karaoke with the lecturers, Diba played guitar while Rizal sang "Beribu Sesalan". It was indeed a memorable night for all of us. 

We had buffet for RM 40 nett, with selections of chicken chop, fish & chips, lamb chop, fries, fried rice, something that looks like "fishball+yong tau foo" and we totally stuffed our tummy to the fullest!

Some of my classmates, I love them all.

These are the people in charge of the photography, presents and technicals...Please hire them as they are so efficient.

Amalina and Farah. Farah is the head of the project and she did a tremendously excellent job! By the way, thanks for the photos Leen ;)

We decorated the place for our party, and I organized few games for the attendees. That was our last minute preparation as we were so occupied with our final examination but we did great alhamdulillah.

The event started quite behind time because our lecturers were stuck in traffic jam as they traveled all the way from Kuala Lumpur. 

Federal Highway is known for its reputation as the most-congested highway in Malaysia ;)

As soon as the lecturers arrived, the emcee took over the event. Yeah, can you guess who was the emcee for the night? That's right, it's Azham Vosovic! That was my first attempt and I did bad actually; stuttered and stammered along the way...

This is our gorgeous B. Ed TESL coordinator in IPG KBA, Madam Norhazian Binti Mat Sapian. She has been keeping and taking care of us for almost three years and now it is up for UPM to take the turn. We will continue our studies in UPM this February and come back to IPG KBA in 2014 insyaallah. 

The Director of Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Bahasa Antarabangsa, Yang Mulia Cik Raja Azizah Binti Raja Abdul Aziz. I think she has a Ph.D but I missed that out while pronouncing her name. Small, but a powerful lady indeed! 

Our literature lecturer, Madam Premalatha Nair. She taught us English Studies when we were in Foundation Course, A Survey of Prose Form and Poetry in the first semester of Year 1 Degree and Malaysian Literature in English this semester. She is a UPM born lecturer and she asked us to find her trace there. She is very firm but I know deep inside she cares. I had a feeling that she was sad that night but she didn't want to show it. 

There are a lot of photos but I am still waiting for our photographer to upload them on Facebook. 

Ustaz Abu Hisyam...he has a gift from Allah that he can "scan" people. He knows the type of girl I like; one day in class he said "Azham suka orang tinggi kan?". Gosh, I blushed red because everybody looked at me hahaha...

Azham Vosovic with Niwashini Nambiar...

My course-mates are pretty in pink!

Mr. iGossip who performed that night ;)

I sang a song that night and I sucked! Qing Yi, the girl beside me is a born-singer so she sang Adele's Rolling in the Deep melodiously!

The night ended gloriously, we ate a lot, had fun, played games, won prizes for Lucky Draw, I made the lecturers run in their dresses and high-heels to find out Who Kidnapped Yuna (a hunting game for the party) and some of us cried.

Yeah, we are going to miss our lecturers in IPG KBA, although we are moving to UPM for two years. This is where I start and I will never forget my root in IPG KBA. To all my friends here, I apologize for my wrongdoings, I really hope that we can see each other in 2014. In fact, Serdang and Bangsar is quite near so you will see my face frequently okay? 

My favorite lecturer, Madam Yashwanora Yahaya.

To my lecturers which I would like to name all but I cannot, I will surely miss all of you. Please do not move to other campus/college while we are not around and get ready to teach us for our final year in IPG KBA okay? Take care people, this is such a sentimental good bye for me, please cry.

Photo credits too:

Niwashini Nambiar


semutsengal said...

kau nynyi lgu apa beb ? HAAHAHAHAH

rozeeta rashid said...

looks like u had a great time! eh how tall are u?

Anonymous said...

Rizal Sadiman:
Hehe...thanks azham for promoting my singing career hahahhaha. The next thing now i was staring at the ceiling lol

Anonymous said...

azham handsome.
tuh je nak cakap.

teha said...

wah ! kau nyanyi.. nak dngr rase.. hehe

Azham Vosovic said...

semutsengal: kau nak kutuk ey? haha

rozeeta: hehe, 180 cm hehe...alhamdulillah syukur dgn ketinggian ni hehehe

Anon (Rizal): haha u deserve it dude, u have d voice, express it...

chemay: ayooo, beraninya hahaha

teha: x sedap! haha..larik!

nasha sanza said...


amir aizat said...

wah menyanyi laaa

Azham Vosovic said...

amir aizat: hehe, tak sedap pon huhuh

nasha: hehe, alhamdulillah, meriah juga hehehe

^^Nur Izat^^ said...

malam tu rasa nak 'touching' tapi tahan je.. gonna miss our lecturers, esp mdm yash & mdm hazian... (Y_____Y)

Suhami Ahmad said...

sedihnya....xpo pasni balik ke IPG balik

Azham Vosovic said...

Izat: hehe, kesian Mdm Hazian...lepas ni dia xleh nak guna nama kita sbg example dlm kelas hehehe

Atok: hehe, amin insyaallah...kalau ada rezeki lebih hehehehe

rozeeta rashid said...

fuiyo 180cm! tingginya. lebih 8cm dari saya. hehe.

^^Nur Izat^^ said...

hehe... kalau dia miss kita, dia guna kot.. haha..

Azham Vosovic said...

rozeeta: hehe, syukur dgn ketinggian ni hehehe....

Izat: haha, betul gak tu? junior2 kita bukannya kenal pon hehehe

fakhri khairi said...

kau nyanyi? mesti tak sedap kan? okbai :p

Azham Vosovic said...

fakhri: haha, kau jeles eyh! haha