Friday, February 26, 2010

Valentine's Day!

I'm totally in love with this movie, seriously.
I first heard bout this movie when Haziq Widewick posted something on his Facebook status.
He told me bout the sountrack, Today Was A Fairytale, by Taylor Swift.
I am her biggest fan and Taylor Swift is my latest obsession, I searched the song in Youtube and guess what? I've fallen in love with that song!!!

I watched the trailer and surprisingly, Taylor Swift was also in that film plus Annne Hathaway(I love her), Jessica Biel, Julia Roberts, Taylor Lautner, Patrick Dempsey, Bradley Cooper, and so much more Hollywood A-listers starring in tat film. It was a great catalyst for me to watch it. So, three weeks ago, before Chinese New Year Holidays, I went to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, watched it alone without a partner beside! It was so awkward because there were so many couples, and there were two couples sat at my right and left side. They were holding hands and I was so envious with them. I enjoyed the movie so much, I gave 4 and a half stars OK? hehe,

Here are some critics for the couples in the movie:

Taylor Swift (Felicia) and Taylor Lautner (Willy)-The Funniest Ever!
Anne Hathaway (Liz) and Topher Grace (Jason)- The Simplest Ever!
Jennifer Garner (Julia Fitzpatrick) and Ashton Kutcher (Reed Bennet)- The Awkward One!
Eric Dane (Sean Jackson) and Bradley Cooper (Holden)-The Shocking One!
Jessica Biel (Kara Monahan) and Jamie Foxx (Kelvin Moore)- Sun sets on them!

Hehe, the rest you have to go and watch it by yourself!
I love this movie damn much!
I wish that I could co-star in this kind of film someday!
It's a fair movie for every age level, seriously!
I dont't want to elaborate much and spoil ur mood!

I got to go, have to find my own Valentine!

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Anonymous said...

hey i havent watched it...hahahaha...u should at least asked me out (not for a date la)...
the next time around boleh jalan2...two years ago i went to KLCC to watch ALONE alone okay. and yeah i was surrounded with couples hahahaha....

p/s u'll be just fine junior. i have read your blog (not thoroughly though ;)) just skimming through...yeap keep on writing (or typing for that matter, coz it will develop your fluency in the language trust me)

not so anonymous (your senior, Arifah Majid)

Azham Vosovic said...

Thanks Sis Arifah,
Will ask you out for an outing one day.
No worries,
Have you watch Alice In Wonderland?
M thinking of watching it next week with my friends..
Want to join? ehehe

I really need to improve my English proficiency in speaking...

Thanks for reading yeah?