Saturday, February 27, 2010

My BFFs!

My Best Boyfriends, Wafi and Khir!

My Best Galfriends! Nadia, Kanchana and Ain.

Kanchana, Khir, Nadia, Ain and Wafi! I Love You All!!!

This is for you guys and girls....

One day, all of us will get busy with our life.
Long working hours,
Less friends,
Less meetings,

Rare calls, no more SMS-es.
No more late night chatting.
No more secrets shared.
Won't have time for ourselves.
At such day,
You'll look outside your window,
And see the good old memories
Flashes you by.
You'll get a smile,
With a tear in your eyes.
And you'll turn back to your work,
Wishing that you could go back...

This message is to all my friends who helped to create such beautiful memorabilia.
Thank you for our friendship!
I really hope that our relationship will last long...forever...
I miss all of you very much.
Good luck for your future undertakings!
Muaxs! Lots of love!




syahira ariff said...

beshnyer hang out ngan kwn2
teringat kwn2 seasrama dulu
lamer x jumpa
asal kau post mende camnie
nie nak nanes nie

kalau kau ader masa
kummentlaa new entri aku ekk!
hiks hiks

Azham Vosovic said...

nak ngis ker?
it means,
bukan aku sorang jer yg ngis..
thanks for reading eyh???