Thursday, February 11, 2010

Perseverance-An LS Task!

Madam Yashwanora Yahaya and me!

This is actually a task given by my lecturer, Madam Yashwanora for Learning Support (LS). She asked me and my other group members to create a poem by using the word that you like. I chose PERSEVERENCE. Then, she asked us to do it using acronym..so, it end up like this...


P- Passing time crawled me by.
E- Evaluating my failure for once I've tried.
R- Rainfall downpours and suddenly I cried.
S- Sad for the life I never deny.
E- Eliminating my own mistakes.
V- Vain attempts make me scared.
E- Enthusiasm to cover a new pledge.
R- Racing against my own plead.
A- Anxious about a new life.
N- Never again I want to cry.
C- Craving for A's and a chance to fly.
E- Expecting my life to be a better try.



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