Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hey Taylor!

Special To All My Classmates!!! task given by Madam Yashwanora Yahaya for Language Description (LDS) Create a creative writing which consists of ten(10) Phrasal Verbs.

Hey Taylor!

Hey Taylor!
Please turn around.
Look back and put down your bag.
I've given up smoking and drinking.
Promise I will carry on studying.

Hey Taylor!
Please come in.
Sit down and I'll make you tea.
I'm sorry for you waiting.
I love you until the ending.

Hey Taylor! Please speak out.
Let's talk over our problems.
We've seriously fallen out.
But I gets by, will be away.
Promise I will fade out,
From your life forever.

courtesy of:
+azham vosovic+
+made for Taylor Swift+

Now your task is to identify those phrasal verbs that can be found in the poem. Remember, your Mock Exam is just around the corner!!!

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