Saturday, January 19, 2013

Documentary Shooting: Part 1

As some of you might have known, I am currently freelancing for an internet TV portal called dtubes.tv under the supervision of Puan Jamilah Taib, an ex news correspondent of TV3 for IndoChina region. This is a very great learning and working experience for me because I get to learn on how to becoming a TV host and also experience inside out the making of a documentary with the crews of Galaxy Features Network Sdn. Bhd. Allow me to blog about my experiences as a Production Assistant in the East Coast of Malaysia recording unprecedented access of Malay cultures of Batik in Kelantan and traditional Malay houses in Terengganu. 
We kicked off our documentary shooting at Bazar Buluh Kubu, Kota Bharu Kelantan because the producer instructed the cameraman, Abang Mahzan and I to capture as many video footage of Batik as possible. Abang Mahzan went into one of the boutiques there and asked for permission to start our recording while I set up the equipment. 

Abang Mahzan was an ex-school teacher who dedicated his life filming for TV and film for almost 15 years. One his most notable work is for the series "Adam & Hawa" on Astro Mustika HD. I was in charge of carrying the tripod and setting up the equipment and I also learnt on how to record using the camera. Puan Jamilah, the producer, wants me to start from ground zero and pave my way up step by step as she is actually training me to do a bigger task next time. 

Some boutique owners did not want us to record the footage at their store as it interferes with their business but some were willing to cooperate. They even came to us personally and invited us to their store because that was a great opportunity for them to promote their business and therefore acknowledge Batik as the national treasure of Malaysia. 

Apart from shooting for video footage, Abang Mahzan also recorded the tutorial on how to dress Batik the best way. The girl in the photo was one of the cooperative businesswomen in Bazar Buluh Kubu who was really excited with our coming to their store, thank you so much for your cooperation. 

These are among the best way for women to dress their Batik; and I have fallen in love with the motives and the designs of our local Batik. According to the producer who is a Kelantanese by the way, there are various types of Batik in Malaysia. Among them are the Batik Kelantan, Batik Terengganu and Batik Merbok. The most current trend of Batik nowadays is the design with "batu manik" if I am not mistaken and it really brings out the beauty of our Malaysian Batik.

Batik should be our everyday wear; they should not only be worn on Thursdays for government servant but if we exploit the delicate craft of Batik extensively then Batik will no longer be known as the expensive material for baju kurung and baju batik lelaki. The women in Kelantan are proud to wear Batik everyday because this is the symbol of their pride to their own magnificent culture. 

Baju kelawar wanita and baju batik lelaki.

Other collections of Batik Malaysia.

And please do not confuse Batik Malaysia with Korean silk because they really look similar! I was clearly deceived when I took this photo because I thought that those are Batik materials but the producer said that they are NOT! Phew, I am lucky that I have learnt something new at Bazar Buluh Kubu because I really thought that Batik are all the same. It is true what Malay people says "jauh perjalanan luas permandangan" because this journey in Kelantan really broaden my view about our precious Malaysian Batik. Stay tuned because I will update the second part of my journey in the East Coast of Malaysia soon, take care and God bless.
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Anonymous said...

by just reading about it's exciting, i know you feel more than that..

bestnya azham dapat berguru dengan orang yang pro dalam filming..

Azham Vsvc said...

Ized: alhamdulillah, syukur syukur syukur!!! Memang tak sangka dapat ikut shooting dokumentari tu, so bila dpt memang tak dilepaskan hehe....alhamdulillah :)

i wong said...

Saya ada terbaca tentang batik. Indonesia telah menggazet batik sebagai hak mereka. Secara tak langsung ia hak mereka untuk memperkenalkan batik ke seluruh dunia. Ia menjadi cabaran buat pengusaha batik Malaysia untuk bersaing di persada antarabangsa.

Saya rasa Azham semestinya banyak belajar melalui pengalaman ini. Freelance memang membantu kita untuk menapak dari asas. Apa yang penting, kena motivasi kuat sebab kita bergerak seorang diri. Saya tahu, sebab saya juga ingin menjadi freelance blogger dan penulis bebas sepenuh masa.

apple damein said...

Awesome footage Azham!

ZWAN SABRI said...

it looks great.. nanti boleh masok On Air season 2.. btw, teringin nk tgk video dokumentari ni.. dalam dtube tu tajok dia Batik Kita ek?

Azham Vsvc said...

wong: hehe alhamdulillah syukur diberikan peluang oleh Allah s.w.t untuk menjadi freelancer dalam produksi ini.... Yes, dengar cerita Indonesia telah mengambil langkah berkenaan, sayang juga kerana Batik Malaysia mungkin akan menjadi mangsa "hak cipta" satu hari nanti huhuhu....

Apple: thank you dear :)

zwan sabri: rasanya dokumentari "Batik Kita" dalam dtubes tu yang lama, dokumentari yang I terlibat ni baru selesai menjalani pasca-produksi di studio hehe...nantikan yeah :)

Mira Adzlia said...

gud experience :) ...Msia sbnrnye ada byk keunikan & klbihan yg kita sndri msh xperasan...proud to be Msian..nnti bole la kmi tgk dokumentari ni :)

Azham Vsvc said...

Mira: terharunya weh!!! I am so touched by your support. Alhamdulillilah, I will try to put up the video here soon insyaallah :)

zaty said...

WOAHHH seronoknya dapat bekerjasama dgn org2 yg byk pengalaman.inshaAllah semoga segala urusan berjalan lancar.. dah siap bgtau nak tengok dokumentari tuu! :)

Azham Vsvc said...

zaty: hehe...alhamdulillah syukur! Insyaallah nanti dokumentari dah siap I akan paparkan di sini hehe :)

khairul akmal bin azman said...

nak ole2 dari kelate boh?

Aziela said...

What is that bigger task that your r being grooming for?

Azham Vsvc said...

kay: alamak ....tak sempat nak shopping pun haritu hehehe :)

Kak Aziela: hehe....insyaallah kalau menjadi akan saya khabarkan heheh :)