Thursday, January 24, 2013

Documentary Shooting: Part 4

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Kelantan Darul Naim still maintains the use of tulisan jawi for billboards, signboards, banners and advertisements. It is the only state in Malaysia that is proud to elevate the values of tulisan jawi, consistent with its image as an Islamic City (Bandaraya Islam). The uniqueness of the use of jawi script (tulisan jawi) in Kelantan grabs the attention of the producer, Puan Jamilah Taib and that was also one of the many reasons why we went to Kelantan for three days. 
Through the lens of the cameraman and the producer, jawi script is beautiful but many have forgotten its importance as the medium of communication in the Malay Archipelago (Kepulauan Melayu) those days. Alhamdulillah, Kelantan State Government takes a very brave effort in preserving the use of jawi script so that youngsters are aware of this ever disappearing heritage.
I do not have other photos showing the use of jawi script in Kelantan because we had our shooting outdoors and it rained heavily in Kelantan last month. The photo above is taken from this site and hopefully it can give you the idea of how jawi script in used widely in advertising industry in Kelantan. 

Pengkalan Tok Bali, Kelantan.

Tok Bali is a famous fishing port in Kelantan, located at about 48 kilometres from Kota Bharu. Pengkalan Tok Bali, on the other hand is a fish landing spot for the fishermen in Kelantan and it has a big complex consisting of docks (limbungan), wet market and many other infrastructures. 
You can get fresh seafood here and see it for your eyes how fishermen unload their catch of the day. At Pengkalan Tok Bali, seafood such as fishes, squids, prawns and crabs are separated according to the size before they are sold to the peraih (wholesaler).
Puan Jamilah bought a kilogram of udang ketak and wanted me to taste it. She cooked udang ketak at her mother's house in Bachok and brought them for Abang Mahzan and I, and I totally like it! It tastes like a mixture of udang and ketam, and udang ketak has a thick outer shell (kulit) that is as hard as a crab shell. 
And just outside the complex of Pengkalan Tok Bali, there is a "satar ikan" stall by the main road. According to the official portal of Jabatan Perikanan Malaysia, satar ikan is made from isi ikan, mostly ikan selar kuning, kerisi, gelama and tenggiri and it is super delicious!
The isi ikan will be mixed with kelapa parut, bawang besar, bawang merah, cili hidup, garam, gula and wrapped with banana leaves in the shape of cones. The cones will be put together with a bamboo stick and they are grilled until it is cooked. Satar ikan is quite similar to otak-otak but we can taste the coconut inside it and that makes it even more delicious! I totally love satar ikan and I recommend all of you to try it one day, miam-miam!
Then we headed to Restoran Raja Ikan Bakar near Pengkalan Tok Bali to have our dinner. Here, we have to select the seafood and give them to the man in-charge of grilling the food with its ingredients.
Alhamdulillah, the food was awesome! Sambal belacan at that restaurant makes the food tastes so much better and I am addicted! Even writing about this makes me "kecur liur". I will definitely go back to Raja Ikan Bakar again next time hehe :)
The total cost of the damage food was only RM 45 for two person and look at what we ate, totally satisfying! Alright, I guess that is all I have for today and I will update about my adventure in Terengganu in my next post okay. Take care and God bless, keep on supporting us at http://dtubes.tv/
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Ashraf Zain said...

Oh my Seafood. sedap nye tgok. I've lived in Klanatn but havn't got the chance to experience that in Tok Bali. Asyik xsmpt je.huhu

Wan Ahmad Izudean said...

bangga dengan pengekalan tulisan jawi di kelantan..

oh, lovely seafooooood! sedapnya. terliuq dah ni...

Madre Amor said...

fuhhhh...memang makanan itu sangat mengecur liurkan.

Aziela said...

Of all the places in KB that I've went, I've never been in Tok Bali. Tq for sharing adik. I'll lured hubby to Tok Bali next time, hehehehehe

Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

impressive yang kelantan masih jawi!

Azham Vsvc said...

Acap: hehe....dekat je kan Bachok and Tok Bali? hehe...you kena pergi hehe!

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Kak Aziela: yeay,,,,nanti akak update la kt blog hehe boleh saya baca :)

Fzda said...

mashaALLAH, what are you doing here? are you history's students? then you're travelling to the other place? is it? just nice. ^^ eeh, sorry2, ok2. future-teacher. ok ok. :D

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Fzda: hehe.....I am an English language teacher to be who is currently freelancing with a production house recording for documentaries and interviews :)

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