Sunday, June 27, 2010

When He Is Scared About Tomorrow...

This is my second day in IPBA. I arrived here yesterday at 3 pm. Well, I arrived at KL Sentral first before I took another train to IPBA. There were some friends who asked me why I took a train from Penang to Kuala Lumpur although the journey took me seven boring hours. My answer is simple because I do not have to take a taxi from Duta Bus Station to IPBA that will cost me RM 18 whereas in KL Sentral I can hop on a train with only RM 1.60 to IPBA; yes and a bit of walking from Kerinchi LRT Station to Teacher’s Training Institute, International Languages Campus (this one sounds more classy for me; or the other way around?).

How to describe my day today? I went to my auntie’s place yesterday night just to avoid me from sleeping alone last night as my roommates were not in yet. And this morning I went straight from her place to Amcorp Mall. My plan was at first to have my breakfast there and to visit that shopping mall that I was missing so much because the stuffs there are affordable. I still love Pavillion Kuala Lumpur apart from Amcorp Mall honestly. I love both of the malls and while wandering there, I realised that I was still lacking few stuffs in my room so I went for shopping there and bought myself something for lunch and went back to my hostel. There were house mates who have already checked in into their luxurious suite (ha ha). I love to shop for my stuffs and do the budgeting after I shop. Hahaha, it is silly I know but to shop and calculate my expenses for the day makes me feel like an adult. Yes, I always feel that I have grown up to be more independent and I cannot wait for me to really becoming an adult (minus the moustache and beard part because I like my face cleanly shaved).

The clock is ticking, with the digits on the laptop showing that the time is seriously moving so slow. I am anxious about tomorrow. Not to boast but tomorrow is the day of me becoming a senior finally. Hopefully, Allah will bless me throughout this final semester of my foundation years. I have been into the worst part of a student’s life, and have cried whenever I felt alone and abused.  I do not want to be accused with something I did not do. I do not want to be, treated or claimed as a bad guy because I was not, am not or will not be a bad guy. I will be bad if only I want to, but with terms and conditions applied I promise. 

And for the so-called juniors of mine that will get themselves registered with proud parents and family members tomorrow, I wish you all the best (though you do not know me yet and me either). Please be nice, and respect each and every one of the IPBArians. And please do your part by joining every activity held here and assembly especially. I command you guys and girls to turn up for assembly. I think we will also need more singers, dancers, actors and actresses because there are so many activities going to be held each semester. So, I hope you guys and girls will show your support and volunteer for this kind of occasion. It is so much interesting and fun so you do not have to be shy and just sit as an audience.

This one is special for you guys and girls, juniors of 2010 Intake.
You take a deep breath and you walk through the doors
 It’s the morning of your very first day (in IPBA)
 You say hi to your friends you ain’t seen in a while
 Try and stay out of everybody’s way
 It's your freshman year and you're gonna be here
 For the next four five years in this town...
 Hoping one of those senior boys (or girls for boys) will wink at you and say
 You know I haven't seen you around, before...

 You have to see my other post for the rest of the parody version of this lyric. The clock is still ticking slowly and I guess it is time for me to write another poem. How I love to write poems and post it here. I will update few stories about the juniors tomorrow (if any) and make sure you Guys and Girls followers of Love Hate Vosovic read it. And to wrap up my day, yes it is boring so far and I have already missed my family. Until then, I am Azham Vosovic, signing off. Salam and God bless.

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