Sunday, June 27, 2010

This Is The Result After 3 Weeks Of Offline

Salam to all Guys and Girls avid readers of Love Hate Vosovic. It has been a long time that I updated this blog with a proper diary of mine. I was away during the holidays, with no internet connection at my house and I was bored to death. At the first week of holidays, I attended my cousin’s funeral and sadly he died at the age of 22 due to car accident in Johor recently. Well death really doesn’t count a person’s age. His face and I was seriously alike, even I was shocked to see him. When I was at his house, his friend said, “Hey, I’m sorry about your brother”, so, I explained to him that I was just a cousin. Okay, it is enough talking about the dead. Let us together recite Al-Fatihah and pray that his soul will rest among all good people there.

At the second week of holidays, I went back to my mother’s hometown which is in Kelantan. The specific place is in Kampung Alor Pasir which is situated in Wakaf Bharu, the outskirts of Kota Bharu. The best thing about Kelantan is the food that I love so much. You name it, ‘laksam’, ‘nasi dagang’, ‘kuih akok’ or ‘tapai pulut’; I can eat it all and it will not cost me much. The food there is also a bit sweet so be careful when you choose the delicacies. I also love to shop in Kelantan. There are varieties of choices and most of it is my type. My favourite place to shop there is in Rantau Panjang but at night we can go to Wakaf Che Yeh. That place is similar and as big as Uptown Danau Kota so I guess you know how the concept of the market is.

After a day back from Kelantan, my parents brought me to Penang Island. Although we are living in Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang, we rarely go the island part of Penang. My parents did not really like the atmosphere there, but I kind of like it. Penang Island is the little version of Kuala Lumpur city. We went to Batu Ferringhi beach and at night we went to Queensbay Mall, had dinner at Kenny Roger’s Roasters. I will miss the ferry, Penang Bridge, and ‘pasembur’ too. The best one is in Penang Island. The funniest part was I had already surveyed few secondary schools in Penang Island just in case I will be transferred there in five more years.

I also accidently met the nanny who helped to take care of my siblings and me when our parents went to work. We were in Sungai Petani and met her at a shopping complex there. Oh my God, we have lost contact with each other for almost a decade. Her daughter, which is my friend before had already married and was blessed with a son. That was really shocking. Even I was not planning to get married yet. She is younger by a year but I pray the best for her marriage. Her sister is still unmarried and work somewhere in Perak. Their male siblings were not seen at the area of unintended reunion so it was kind of a waste for me. I have not met them for long but it is okay, the time will come. Maybe I can meet all of them during ‘hari raya’?

And now after few paragraphs, I suddenly realize that this is not my type of writing. Sorry, I am not myself tonight. I have to go now before I write nonsense. By the way, I have posted few poems that I made myself so please kindly leave your comments. I will appreciate it so much if you Guys and Girls can drop some useful commentary so I can improve my language or anything in future. Thank you so much. With love, salam, and God bless.

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