Tuesday, June 29, 2010

He Shouldn't Be Bullied and Died for It.

They don't know how he felt,
They mustn't know how he was scared,
They don't seem to bother his greatest fear
Of his seniors, to be locked in their room with tears.

His heart stops pounding and his eyes were leaking.
When he was called up to the room for not respecting,
He was forever punished for the sins he did not commit,
And for all the things he denied even though he was weak.

For them he needs to be taught a lesson,
That he had gone far off the season,
For him he is purely innocent.
But he is green no one will listen.

And on that night he hoped he was not going to die,
When he was kicked at his gut with no tears to cry,
He promised to be good and began to weep,
But he was forced to sit and his face was kicked.
And on that night he lost his life,
Not by suicide for him that is not wise,
The angel said he saw and his heart was dried,
And God commanded him to help that poor guy.


Written with lots of condolences for what had happened to a student in Royal Military College (RMC), Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur. This is just a poem written for me to express my anger about 'bully' culture in schools and hostels. Please bear in mind that it was not written based on how 'arwah' died and this has nothing to do with 'arwah' or anyone else's experience. I wrote this poem because it is my social responsibility and I believe that we Malaysians has a big role to play. That poor guy was from Baling in Kedah which is also my hometown. I am totally against this 'roll call' and 'bully' culture and I promise I will be a helpful senior with terms and conditions applied. Let us all pray to god that his soul will rest in peace among all good souls there. Al-Fatihah.


alana zainal (miss teddy) said...

feel sad for him too..he's my junior u know?

budak baek said...

masyaALLAH azham..u r just a very nice person..love ur poem very much..u r great man..^^

Amalina Sulaiman said...

azham..i've read that news recently..that poor boy..how could the seniors do that to him! can ask Ann Loke [lol]...great condolence from me ..do u noe arwah?

Azham Vosovic said...

Miss Teddy: Yeah, poor guy...He studied in SMK Clifford if I'm not mistaken. So he was your junior back then n do u knew him personally?

Budak Baek: Hurm, I'm just a writer who can express my anger via words in my poems. We Malaysians have a bigger role to play, and as a teacher, we have the right to abolish this culture in our future school. I totally AGAINST "Bully".

Leen: I didnt know arwah. I just read about his background this afternoon and realized that he was from Baling Kedah. hurm, poor his family. Ann Loke told me that arwah was his junior in RMC n that boy is a good guy. hurm, he was fated to die and I guess that was better rather than to be bullied forever.