Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Press Release

Mr. Vosovic: I feel that my time will come soon. Seriously, I have no more time left. I just want to state here that, I love my family very much.I had the best of my time 'balik kampung' this semester break. My friends, they have been the best and this includes all of my friends, be it good or not so good friends of mine. I met most of my old friends, my Standard 6 classmates; 6 Inovatif rawks! I met my sweet and sour friend, Mohd Khairul Anam Bin Khazali (my besties since Form 1), and even had a lunch date with him this afternoon. I'm totally going to miss all of you guys.

I have already cleared my room, just in case I am not around. I threw some of my unused stuffs and my old clothes, please give it to the orphanage. I hope that I settled my debts to everyone. Hopefully. If I still owe you Guys and Girls, please let me know. Hurm, what else?

I will definitely have to go. I am not sure of how many of you Guys and Girls will miss me? You don't have too. I haven't done any good deeds in this beautiful world of mine. I love all of you Guys and Girls so much. Please tell the people I love that I love then very very much. Salam, and God bless. Take care.

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