Thursday, June 13, 2013

#Good #Deed

    Salam guys and girls! So sorry for the very long hiatus as I am struggling with the final examination for semester 5 at the moment. I am back here to inform anyone of you who would like to do charity and donate some money to Abdullah Omar who is currently doing his Diploma in Tahfiz Quran at Kolej Islam Antarabangsa Sultan Ismail Petra (KIAS) in Kelantan.

    I received an email from my lecturer in UPM, Prof. Dr. Jayakaran Mukundan about Abdullah Omar and he asks his students to pass this message around. Abdullah Omar is not on scholarship at the college so he has arrears (overdue payment) for his studies amounting RM 5655. He cannot register for the next semester unless he clears his arrears and he has already started collecting from friends (now almost RM 300) at the moment. Even small amounts can help Abdullah Omar in his studies. 

Below are the details and proof of Abdullah Omar's situation:

    Based on the e-mail conversation between Prof. Dr. Jayakaran and other students, Abdullah Omar is also doing part time job to teach Al-Quran and Fardu Ain to support his daily expenses. He had already been disbanded from final semester examination due to the arrears fee that he cannot afford to pay. His goal is to finish his studies as soon as possible so that he can help others with his knowledge. For those who would like to contribute, please contact:

    Abdullah Omar : 019-3687204 
    Email         : abdshah2001@yahoo.com
    Maybank       : 153104095156.

    Please inform Abdullah Omar about the amount of money that you have contributed so that he can keep track of the record. Insyaallah with our help and his perseverance in completing his studies, everyone of us would benefit from it. Please help to spread this message around as soon as possible so that Abdullah Omar can settle the arrears and continue his studies. Thank you for your time in reading this blog post and for considering his humble request. Take care and God bless all of you.

P/S: The chance to do a good deed like this doesn't come much often; just try and help in any way that you can. 


xila xotmy said...

kalau dia dibantu lepas tu dpt terus mengajar org yg mnederma tu besar pahalanya...semoga dipermudahkan semua urusan omar ni

Azham Vsvc said...

xila: betul tu! besar pahalanya kalau beliau dapat mengajar al-quran kepada pihak yang menderma tu...kiranya giving back to the person who gave him help huhu...