Thursday, August 29, 2013

#MRSM Kepala Batas: Studious Students

Click this link for Part 1 of my Ulul Albab adventure :)
Form 403 students.
    Tonight, I would like to elaborate about my students of MRSM Ulul Albab Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang and their journey throughout finishing the "Short Film and Photo-Story" project. As an intern at that school, I was assigned with Form 203, 204, 403 and 404 students and I managed to sneak into their classes when their English teachers were not around. I was very fortunate that the teachers were very cooperative and they let me take their class session every once in a week. Form 4 students were in-charge of the "Short Film" project so I went into the classes assigned to me and discussed the theme, the story-line, let the students draw the story-board, draft the script and other technical matters as well. 
    My Form 403 students were excited when I entered their class and I just have to give minimum guidance because they were very independent. In fact, some of the students are in the "Drama Team" of the school so we had no problems with the actors and actresses at all. The problems that I faced were the short of time to record our film and the technical glitches on the videos recorded. Vocal projection of the casts was not very clear despite the very smooth and interesting story-line of "Raya Preparation" the class was portraying. Nevertheless, I am still very satisfied with the performance of my students because they can act and the whole class gave their cooperation during the recording.
Form 404 students.
    My Form 404 students however were very naughty in class; they were so passive during my first session with them but I understand that they just want to test a new teacher like me. I did that a lot in school too so I get back whatever I did in the past hehe *karma. The boys and the girls were reluctant to mix with each other so it was truly difficult to get them discussing about the short film. They planned to do a parody of "Running Man-MRSM Kepala Batas version" so we started filming the following week. The video turned out to be quite monotonous and flat to me so I told them that they might have a slim chance of winning. Upon hearing that, they gathered and came out with another idea at the very last minute. I was happy to see that they were cooperating and discussing for ideas as compared to the first video. The second video turned out to be really interesting as they mix the element of dancing and humor together and I am seriously proud to watch the end result. 
    That is all for tonight and I will upload the videos here soon after the "Inter-MRSM Short Film and Photo-Story Competition" prize-giving ceremony session is done. Yes, I forgot to mention that the videos and comic strips produced by the students will entitle them to represent their MRSMs for this national level of competition. Let us hope that one of the videos and comic strips from MRSM Ulul Albab Kepala Batas will bring back some of the awards and therefore uplift their spirit to use English more often in daily life. I will continue the journey of my Form 2 students on my next blog post so until we meet again, I am Mr. Azham, signing off...I mean..."punching out" the attendance card hehe!

P/S: I miss the usual welcoming and ending greetings by the students.

Teacher: *walks into the classroom.
Class monitor: Class, stand up!
The students: *stand up very lazily.
Class monitor: Assalamualaikum/Thank you Sir!
The students: *repeats in choral speaking and recite the du'a.
Teacher: *cries at heart on his very last day!


Aziela said...

Whoaaa...life hasn't ever been bored when you were there, eh adik? Sounds cheerful.

Aziela said...

Oh, adik, one more thing. It is difficult to let the boys and girls co-operate because they are in the Islamic environment. And due to memorize the 30 juzuk, there are a lot of things that they have to control. For instance, looking at the different gender accompanied by not so positive thought could damaged and ruin whatever verses that they have memorized. It does take effect. So, it's not easy for them too, I guess. Well done because they eventually came out with a good idea.

Azham Vsvc said...

Kak Aziela: Alhamdulillah...my life was full when I went there for a month. I am really content with the students, the staffs and I really enjoy teaching!

Yes, I am aware of that problems and sometimes saya sendiri rasa malu dengan diorang...ye la...they can memorize Al-Quran...hehe.....

anif abdullah| AA said...

meriah betol tengok korang. haha.. cikgu bila nak dtg negeri sembilan plak?

syafiqakarim said...

byk ngorat tak?

Azham Vsvc said...

Anif: hehe memang meriah! Para pelajar tu yang sangat meriah sebenarnya.... rindu kat diorang....

reza al-razi said...

wow.. meriahnya dikelilingi anak2 murid.. terasa muda kembali.. hehe..

Azham Vsvc said...

Syafiqa: hehe tak de la...budak-budak tu tak minat I pun heheh....

Reza: yeap! teringat zaman nakal kat sekolah dulu hahha