Wednesday, August 21, 2013

#ExquiSeed: Dr. Ezani Farhana

Dr. Ezani Farhana is a truly interesting personality that works her wonders with cooking and dental health; two areas that are related together when it comes to foodies and eatery. The winner of the first season of Masterchef Malaysia cooking competition held by Astro proudly joins Universiti Putra Malaysia since January 2013. Let us go through the profile of the latest addition of “Who’s Who” of UPM before we go any further. 

Full name  : Ezani Farhana Binti Md. Monoto
Birth date : 11 May 1985
Origin     : Muar, Johor
Hobby      : Cooking and scuba diving
Educational background:
-Sekolah Tun Fatimah, Johor
-University of Adelaide, Australia.
Position  :Dental Officer, University Health Centre.

Dr. Ezani Farhana, who signed a three years contract with Astro delayed the posting of her position as a dentist with a government hospital in Sabah upon winning the title as Malaysia’s first MasterChef. She then joins UPM and her celebrity status gets her going well as the staffs welcome her warmly and the patients are glad to receive such exclusive treatment from Dr. Ezani Farhana.

“Some of the patients that recognize me from the reality TV show would approach and take photos but some who are shy just keep quiet”, when asked about the reaction of her patients when they met her eye to eye in the treatment room.
She took part in MasterChef Malaysia Season 1 because of the encouragement from her friends as she enjoys cooking especially pastries and never thought that she would end up winning the competition. This larger than life persona grew up in a family of teachers and has a great affection for dentistry since small. She pursued her dream ambition in Australia under the scholarship of Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia (JPA) and now serving full time as a dentist in UPM as well as a celebrity chef for various cooking shows broadcasted on Astro.

“Becoming a celebrity chef means that I have to sacrifice my free time but there are satisfactions in both fields that I am involved in”, said Dr. Ezani Farhana whom can be met every weekdays by appointment at the University Health Centre of UPM. She is also active in giving talks about oral hygiene and motivation and had once spoken for the “International Women’s Day Forum”.
When asked about oral care for university students in Malaysia, Dr. Ezani Farhana mentions that it is normal for students to eat for too much but they need to put extra precautions on their dental hygiene.

“Do not rush when brushing your teeth; take some time to pamper your teeth and gum and be aware of the signs of dental damage”, she adds on.

Among the treatments offered at the Dental Clinic of the University Health Centre are scaling and polishing, permanent tooth extraction as well as wisdom teeth surgery for a very affordable price for students and staffs.
“It really is cheap here compared to private clinics out there but some of the students refuse to get help. Students will only be charged for as low as RM 3.00 for tooth extraction”, she explains further.

UPM students can register their name at the counter and they will be treated by the dentists there in less than 30 minutes.  Each treatment will not take longer than an hour unless in severe cases like tooth extraction.

“What matters most is your awareness to take care of your oral health and get the precautionary treatment before it is too late”, she then concludes.
:The End:
#ExquiSeed is a newspaper pullout of a joint collaboration with New Straits Times and Universiti Putra Malaysia; exclusively distributed around UPM campus only :)


dear xila said...

seronoknya...dr ezani look younger la even 1985!!

Azham Vsvc said...

xila: hehe kan! She is a really interesting person :)

Zuan said...

pandai masak, pandai cabut gigi.. hehe comei noh.. ceq dah kat penang ni pun hang taknak mai interview.. sok ada orng usm nak interview ceq..

the malay male said...

orang jawa ni:-)

Ezad Skytech said...

wahh..dapat jumpa Dr.Ezani face to face...mula2 tengok masterchef dulu tak sangka dia ni dentist...terkejut jugak, da ada kerjaya sebagai dentist tapi pada masa yang sama ada bakat jadi chef...

dari mula da nampak memang dr.ezani ni menyinar dalam masterchef...tengok la semua sajian yang dia sediakan...memang respect..:D

Aziela said...

Wow adik!!!

Wow 1st : You met her? She treated you???!!!!! I am super jealous.

Wow 2nd : You are a reporter now? With NST???!!!!! WOW!!!

eVa said...

Wahh sama umo sy lahh.. Dia sgt pandai.. Untung awak dpt temuramah dia skali kene check gigi hehe

Azham Vsvc said...

zuan: hehe rilekslah bro...your time will come...

malay male: hehe betul tu hehe!

Ezad: wah masa pertandingan tu aku tak follow sangat sebab tengah study...so bila ada kawan ckp Dr. Ezani kerja kat UPM cepat-cepat aku pergi interview!

Kak Aziela: Alhamdulillah, nampaknya begitulah akak...berkhidmat dengan NST-UPM untuk #ExquiSeed ni hehe. Yes, Dr. Ezani merawat masalah gigi saya hehe.... syukur sangat!

eva: wah sebaya rupanya! hehe...untung sangat, saya bersyukur!

say to easy=) said...

seronoknyeeee dpt jumpa kembar nama saya!hahaha..me izzani.she ezani.hahahah

Azham Vsvc said...

izzani: hehe boleh plak mcm tu eh? heheh.....

Anonymous said...

so this is the article that i've been waiting for since last semester ^^

it is super great experience,isn't it?

btw congrats azham :)

Azham Vsvc said...

Ized: hehe sebab I baru siapkan haha....sibuk betul I ni kan? hahahaha!

Nick Nashram said...

wah, untungnye dpt p interview doc tu..nape x ajak i sekali..huhu.nk jmpa jugak.

Azham Vsvc said...

Nick: hahaa Nik berkenan ke kat Dr. Ezani? hehehe :)

Syazana Zainn said...

she is beauty with talent :)

Azham Vsvc said...

Syazana: hehe right!