Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Star Newspaper Photoshoot

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Kami Guru Malaysia
Alhamdulillah syukur! My friends, Hema, Rizal, Alaina, Emily and I were chosen to be featured in The Star newspaper article for Teacher's Day special. The article will be out this Sunday 19th of May 2013 insyaallah, so get your copies at the nearest news-stands alright!
This photo-shoot was done for two days at the Faculty of Educational Studies, Universiti Putra Malaysia. We were required to pose doing our everyday stuff in campus, such as discussing and studying among ourselves. It was a really exciting photo-shoot session because we had fun posing with our friends, while the other students were watching us. 
Our literature lecturer, Madam Mallika Vasugi is the contributor/writer for The Star and she is the one writing the article about the perspective of English language teachers to be. We were asked about our memories celebrating Teacher's Day in school and also our perception and expectation about teaching profession. 
These are the photos during our second day of photo-shoot. We had to laugh so much that our muscles started to sore. We were not sure of which photos that will be chosen so we did our best shot in every way that we can. 
My response for the article about my memories celebrating Teacher's Day is "I would observe the teachers who received the most gifts from the students because I know that they have somehow changed their students' lives". It is true because the students appreciated them and they remain fresh in the students memory, and I would like to be that kind of a teacher. 
When asked about my expectation for teaching profession, I said that "I want more gifts for myself; as in my students achievement and most importantly how I change their perspectives of life, can't wait!". Well, let us see how I turn out, whether I can change my students' lives or not.
 That is all for today, don't forget to get your copy of The Star newspaper this Sunday, 19th of May 2013 for Teacher's Day special article. Take care and God bless :)


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