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SEDA Malaysia: Quota Application Process

Source: www.seda.gov.my
 Hello everyone! Today I would like to write about the quota application process for solar PV for the individuals with the new queue system (NQS) in e-FiTsystem, in the interest of transparency and better opportunity for all house owners to apply for solar  photovoltaic (PV). Sustainable Energy Development Authority Malaysia (SEDA Malaysia) introduces the online e-FiT (Feed-in Tariff) with the New Queue System for applications rolling in from 4 PM on May 2nd, 2014 until 5 PM on May 12th, 2014. There is a total 8 MW quota for solar PV being made available in 2014 for projects targeted to achieve commercial operation by the end of 2014. House owners with landed, residential properties in Sabah, Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan and Peninsular Malaysia are eligible to apply. The applications must be made by registered solar PV service providers on behalf of interested home owners and solar PV service providers must be registered with SEDA.

Source: www.seda.gov.my
    The application is to be done  via the online system, e-FiT with New Queue System open for application from May 2nd 2014 at 4 PM until May 12th at 5 PM. Under the e-Fit with New Quota System, applicants via their appointed solar PV providers are required to pay a processing free of RM 100 via credit card upon submission of the applications. After the closing date on May 12th, SEDA Malaysia will screen the applications for compliance. Applications which pass through the screening process will be able to proceed to the next stage of securing a queue number. On May 19th between 10 AM and 5 PM, the appointed solar PV service providers will log into the e-FiT with New Quota System to secure a queue number for their client’s application.
Source: www.seda.gov.my
    This new system is introduced to reduce processing time, as experienced with the previous e-FiT online system. The heavy traffic has resulted in applicants having difficulties in accessing the system. The e-FiT with NQS allows all applicants to submit their applications and SEDA Malaysia will process all applications. The system will assign the quota to the successful applicants based on their queue number until quota is exhausted. This process will reduce heavy processing time out-front, while quota is allotted at the back-end. The criteria for applications remain the same and they are as listed below:

i. Each applicant could only apply a maximum of 12 kW per residential unit (address) and each applicant is limited to a maximum capacity of two applications.

ii. The application is only valid for installations on a residential unit under the individual’s name.

iii. Under the ultimate shareholding criteria, the applicant cannot exceed a total shareholding of 5 MW of installed capacity of solar PV.
Source: www.seda.gov.my
    The applicants who are successful in the screening process will be notified by SEDA Malaysia via email so that their appointed solar PV service provider can obtain their queue number between 10 AM and 5 PM on May 19, 2014. The queue number will be issued through the e-FiT with NQS on a first-come-first-serve basis. A step-by-step guide or online tutorial is downloadable from SEDA Malaysia’s website, www.seda.gov.my. The guide features screenshots of the various stages of application and would be some assistance to applicants. The quota for individual solar PV applicants will be assigned commencing May 20th, and successful FiA applicants will be notified by email for them to pay the application fee and submit the signed declaration form.
    If there are not enough quota for applicants even though they have secured a queue number, they will move up the queue and the chances of securing quota in the future are improved for each opening of quota as they move closer to the top of the queue. If the solar PV system fails to achieve commercial operation by the end of this year, you need to appeal to SEDA Malaysia in writing and provide justifications for extension of time. While SEDA Malaysia may grant an extension of time, the FiT rate will degress by 10% if commercial operation does not commence by December 21st, 2014.

    SEDA Malaysia is the implementer of Feed-in Tariff program for development of renewable energy in Malaysia.Malaysia’s Feed-in Tariff system requires the Distribution Licensees (DLs) such as Tenaga Nasional Berhad and NUR Distribution Sdn. Bhd. (NUR) and Sabah Electricity Sdn. Bhd (SESB). FiT rates are set by SEDA Malaysia with approval from KeTTHA. As of 2013, 1% surcharge was imposed to all electricity customers and domestic electricity consumers are obliged to contribute to the surcharge only if their monthly electricity consumption exceeds 300 kWh or RM 77 a month. This money is channelled into the Renewable Energy Fund (KWTBB). However, as of January 2014, the surcharge increased to 1.6 and this increase also affected the consumers in Sabah and Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan as they are charged with 1.6% of their electricity bills for the first time from RM69.00 above.

Source: www.seda.gov.my
    For more information on FiT mechanism such as the guidelines, rules and regulations or the step-by-step guide on this application, please refer to SEDA Malaysia’s website or visit their offices at these addresses:

1) SEDA Malaysia Headquarter

Aras 9, Jalan P4W,
PersiaranPerdana, Presint 4,
62100, Putrajaya Malaysia.
Office    : (03) 8870 5800
Email     : quota_release@seda.gov.my
Website   : www.seda.gov.my

2) SEDA Malaysia Low Energy Office

Likas Square Commercial Centre,
Unit 32, Level 1,
LorongLikas Square,
88400, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Office    : (088) 252 101 / 251 462

Please support sustainable energy and energy efficiency promoted by SEDA Malaysia by spreading this news to everyone. That is all for today, take care and God bless!

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