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SEDA Malaysia: Energy Efficient Home

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Hello everyone! How are you? Have you started to apply some of the measures to save electricity at your home after reading my previous blog post? If so, I must congratulate you for bravely wanting to change your lifestyle and helping to cool down the earth’s temperature. A big round of applause to you and please help me to virtually pat your shoulders, bravo! Alright, now I would like to add on about “Energy Efficient Home” and this blog post is related to my previous write up.
We all know that electricity is the main source of energy used at home. While you are gaining benefit for the ease of life contributed by electrical appliances, you must also set in mind that you should not use electricity excessively. Using energy efficiently saves your money and it will protect our dear Mother Earth from harmful effects of global warming and natural disasters. The need to protect the environment must be inculcated within the hearts and souls of our future generations because we must act now. Today, I will tell you how you can have lower electricity bills and do your part for the environment. You should keep in mind that most homes are able to easily reduce 10% of their electricity consumption without sacrificing your comfort level.
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So what is energy efficiency? Energy efficiency means using electricity wisely in order to accomplish the same task whether at home or at the workplace. Using energy efficiently also means paying less for electricity whilst benefiting from its use. Now that is interesting, am I right? We need to use energy efficiently because of:

-depleting resources of fossil fuels,
-increasing price of oil, gas and coal,
-and to save on domestic electricity bills.
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You need to ensure that you have a proper check-list of your electrical appliances at home and it will help to audit your home energy use. By doing so, you can trace where the energy is wasted and here are the steps on how you can do them:

LG LCD TV Refrigerator
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-Avoid placing your refrigerator at a warm area near a stove or exposed to sunlight.
-Make sure there is adequate space above, behind and around the refrigerator for free air circulation.
-Check the temperature of the freezer and refrigerator compartment and adjust the thermostat accordingly.
-Make sure that the door gasket is in good condition to avoid cold air loss to the surrounding.
-Check for frost build up and do not let the frost thickens exceeding 6mm.
-Food arrangement must be checked to allow free air circulation.
-Condenser coils must be clean to maintain the efficiency of the refrigerator.

Electric/Microwave oven:
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-Inspect door gasket regularly for signs of wear and tear.
-Check for defects in the hinges of the oven door.
-Call authorized person to repair or replace the gasket or hinges on the machinery.

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-Make sure air conditioner is installed away from direct sun rays.
-Ensure that the air conditioner is of the correct size for the room.
-Check and adjust the thermostat to give comfortable temperature.
-Clean air filter and blower unit to optimize operation.

Home entertainment system:
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-Ensure that television, personal computer and stereo are switched off and unplugged when not in operation.
-Make sure that the energy saver function of the computer is activated when it is left idle in between activities.

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-Check that the light bulbs used are the Energy Efficient (EE) type.
-Use fluorescent lights instead of incandescent lamps.
-Switch off lights when not in use.
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   The key point here is that all the appliances you use must be checked regularly so that you can trace the wasted energy. Maintaining the system and its efficiency is crucial in helping all of you from spending so much for your monthly electrical bills. This is what SEDA Malaysia tries to educate with the help of selected bloggers because we care. SEDA Malaysia is itself the implementer of the Feed-in Tariff program for the development of renewable energy effort in Malaysia.
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Malaysia’s Feed-in Tariff system requires the Distribution Licensees (DLs) such as Tenaga Nasional Berhad and NUR Distribution Sdn. Bhd. (NUR) with this year’s addition of Sabah Electricity Sdn. Bhd (SESB) to buy from renewable energy producers the electricity produced by them. FiT rates are set by SEDA Malaysia with approval from KeTTHA to pay for the renewable energy supplied to the electricity grid for a specific duration. By having access to the grid and setting a favorable price per unit of renewable energy, the FiT mechanism also ensures that renewable energy becomes a viable and sound long-term investment for companies, industries and individuals. This can happen very easily if consumers are registered under SEDA Malaysia as one of the producers of renewable energy through solar panels, small hydro power, biomass and biogas at their homes or private lands.
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The Cabinet has also agreed for the surcharge on consumers’ electricity bills that has been gazetted and collected from consumers. The 1% surcharge is needed to achieve the target capacity of renewable energy in the long run. As of 2013, 1% surcharge was imposed on all electricity customers and domestic electricity consumers are obliged to contribute to the surcharge only if their monthly electricity consumption exceeds 300 kWh or RM 77 a month. This money is channelled into the Renewable Energy Fund and administered by SEDA Malaysia to pay the premium Feed-in Tariff rate to those producers who generate electricity from renewable resources at home, plant or farm. However, as of January 2014, this surcharge increases by 0.6% to be 1.6 % for current electricity users. This increase will also affect the consumers in Sabah and Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan as they are charged with 1.6% of their electricity bills for the first time. Please refer to www.seda.gov.my for more news and information about this tariff.

This is my effort in giving back to the society because I want you to be more concerned regarding this matter. Hopefully many others can take part in maintaining the condition of electrical appliances at their homes or offices. Please inform me about the decrease in your electricity bills if you managed to save your energy yeah? Thank you everyone for reading and use energy efficiently! See yea next time.

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