Friday, January 17, 2014

Acquire : A Lifestyle Showroom

 If you are around Kuala Lumpur, be sure to drop by Acquire at Bangsar Village II, a lifestyle showroom that represents emerging brands of eye wear, wristwatch, travel luggage, home ware products and furniture at a range of "affordable luxury". 
Acquire opened in July 2010 and originally it stocked mainly bags, luggage, watches, gadgets, eye wear and stationery. In October 2012, more space was obtained and the range extended to include home wares, occasional furnitures and colourful textiles made-ups like cushions.
    Acquire is owned by Azmi Merican and Chooi Hoong Foong, both used to manage a well-known interior and furnishing business in KL. After being absent for 10 years from the retail scene, they felt that there was a niche in the KL shopping scene for a shop like Acquire, hence the comeback.
    Acquire has a broad inventory of watches, bags, audio products, tableware, cushions and many others. Azmi Merican said that the store stocked items for male customers at first but he and Chooi Hoong Foong found a lot of female buyers showing interest in the products. That was when they had broaden the range to accommodate both male and female preferences in products and brands that are setting the trends.
    Among the brands available at Acquire are "MH Way", "Nava Design", "Danish Design Watches", "Nannini Eyewear" and "Serax". All of these brands are made exclusive only at Acquire since they are not yet available in other stores around Malaysia. The owner strive to seek innovative products that reflect new lifestyle trends and they add new collection or edit existing ranges in the showroom every year.
Eye wear
Unique designs perfect for gift items
Home ware products
I am in love with this luggage!
Protective bag for laptop, secure!
Home decorative items
    The store's concept is to develop a curated collection of products that are used in our everyday life that is affordable and user-friendly. Shopping at Acquire is enjoyable as the shopper experiences a lot of fun in acquiring everyday products. The brands available at Acquire allow the shoppers to express their individuality rather than the status.
    Chooi Hoong Foong said that they do not aim to add new locations for the business for now but instead they want to focus on Acquire as a unique shopping experiences in the Klang Valley. 

Acquire is located at:
2F-23&25 Level 2,
Bangsar Village II,
Jalan Telawi 1, 
Bangsar Baru, 
59100 Kuala Lumpur. 

You can also contact them at: 
Email: acquireshop@gmail.com
Facebook Page: Acquire Shop

    The store is open daily from 10 AM to 10 PM and you can call 03-2287 1261 for more details. Remember, if you want to be unique and expressive, just acquire your preferences at Acquire! Take care and God bless :)


Anonymous said...

love it because they've got striking colour items! will visit the store if i there someday :)

Mohd Azham said...

Ized: yes! I am in love with the color as well hehe...nanti nak pergi sana ajak I okay :)

Nik Zakiran said...

Hai Azham :)

Cool gila and fervently hope i'll posted in KL too. Amin :)

Mohd Azham said...

Nik Zakiran: hehe... memang I doakan you dapat sekolah kat KL hehe... insyaallah kalau ada rezki boleh lepak :)

KorN said...

macam tempat perabih duit ja ni.. kan kan kan.. hehe

Mohd Azham said...

korn: kalau ada duit apa salahnya hehehe....

NurulHuda Alias said...

beautiful....i like..

Mohd Azham said...

Huda: if you have the time, please drop by Acquire hehe :)